Miles Against Melanoma is a national organization that began in 2010. Our mission is to provide the public with education regarding the extreme damaging effects of the sun and tanning devices.  Through MAM, we provide funding for awareness, education, advocacy and research for skin cancer, melanoma and cancers related to melanoma.

Our Message and Vision

*   To increase awareness of malignant melanoma and skin cancer through education, advocacy and research
*   To advocate for detection and to obtain skin examinations.  We help people find dermatologists in their area as well
*   To ease the burden and to provide support for melanoma patients, caregivers and medical professionals through financial aid that will ultimately bring a cure to melanoma.

News & Press

Sun Awareness Campaign

Miles Against Melanoma South Texas and Google have teamed up to help raise funds for our latest project - Sun Awareness Campaign.  The idea is that one dollar goes a long way.  Our project is to raise funds for sunscreen samples and educational cards that we can give away at events.  You can download the app from the Google Play Store.  For all you I-Phone people, no excuses - you can click the picture for a link to donate.  All we ask for is $1.

Miles Against Melanoma South Texas Virtual 5K 2013

You are invited to our first ever Virtual 5K and 50/50.  Virtual racing is a new type of race taking the world by storm.  It is geared towards those people who don't have a lot of time in their day, but want to be involved.  You will race on your own time between Oct 1 - Dec 24, 2013.  You can walk or run and choose your own trail.  In turn, we will send you a MAM medal in January 2014.


We also wanted to add an incentive to those who are always "on the fence".  We will also be conducting a 50/50 drawing.  What this means is that 50% of the net proceeds will be given to a lucky winner.  We will have the drawing on Christmas day.  We will also show a video of the drawing so you can share in the excitement! 


Registration is open now and is $40.  Remember, half of the net proceeds is going to one of you!  Click below to register today! 

OneBillionShirts.org Partnership:  We love this concept and their determination to pay it forward.  One Billion Shirts will donate $0.25 for each shirt sold if our charity is selected.  Need some t shirts for your kid's softball team?  Use these guys and it goes to a good cause.

Google Grant Awarded:  We are proud to announce that we have received an Adwords Grant from Google to promote Miles Against Melanoma South Texas.  This will allow us to extend our visibility when someone uses Google to find resources about melanoma.  Thank you Google for supporting us!

Jaime Leeper shares her journey in hopes to reach to the Hispanic community.  Thank you to Hispanic.com for allowing us to share our story!

New Board Member:  Please give a warm welcome to Heidi Teneyuca on joining our board!  She comes with a lot of experience with melanoma and is involved with several community involvements in San Antonio.  We are excited to have her a part of the team!

"The Sentinel"

Purple Vine Club is a women's empowerment website that supports all professional women in balancing their life.  Jaime Leeper guest blogs talking about common questions of diagnosis and her way to deal.

Renew Skin RX

Renew Skin RX, without question, came to help us with our mission.  They have supplied sunscreen samples for us to give out at events.  Please pay it forward back to them and consider their products to look beautiful, hydrated and young

"I'm Always Wrong"

Ever wonder what it's like to be a caregiver to one fighting melanoma?  It's not a pretty picture, but Jaime Leeper shares her rollercoaster ride to readers to give them a realistic perspective of the emotional ride of cancer.


We have a new partnership with a great company called FlipSidez!  This company takes flip flops and embosses the soles.  They have agreed to give us proceeds of all flip flops sold provided that you use the promo code MILES.  It's a fun product to where you can use our wording or create one of your own.  Click on the image to order yours today!

Good Search Partnership

We have partnered with goodsearch.com to help with our fundraising efforts.  Instead of google, bing, yahoo or any other search engine, use goodsearch.  You will have a simple registration process and can download a toolbar (however, download not required).  The next time you are shopping, find the business you wish to use through them.  The company will donate money to Miles Against Melanona South Texas.  No money out of your pocket and these few seconds go to a good cause!  (They are growing as well and have ways to earn money for us through dining, etc).  Please check them out!!!

Angels and Warriors - We're Looking for You!

To align with our National Organization, we are looking for Angels who have lost the battle and Suvivors who have (or is) fighting melanoma.  While we will highlight any from around the world, we would love to publish stories from those in our region to bring the mission home.  However, again, any and all are welcome.  Please send me or Tricia an email with your story so we may include on our webpage.

Friends of Miles Against Melanoma South Texas

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